The “Wing” & “Little Wing”


These paddles are made to order only, contact us for price.

A white water paddle developed with input from some of the UK’s leading OC1 paddlers. An all wooden core construction laminated with Dynal faces and edges. With an aero grade Aluminium tip. It has a 5 piece laminated ovalised shaft and standard T grip. The Wing delivers max power and is very comfortable to use. The “Wing” version has a 20″x8″ blade and weighs in at approx. 850 grams. The “Little Wing” has an 18”x8″ blade and weighs approx. 800 grams. Both models are available in a range of colours and are lengthened to suit your requirements.

Please contact us through our contact form. Telling us what colour and length of paddle you require. The present colours are Red, Yellow, Blue and Black.

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The "Wing" & "Little Wing" In Stock:

"Wing" Blade size 20" x 8", weight approx. 850grams. Made to order only, contact us for price, "Little Wing" Blade size 18" x 8", weight approx. 800grams. Made to order only, contact us for price