Grip Styles


This is the most popular grip style for a reason. It is the most ergonomic; being both comfortable in the hand & easy for rotation.

Regular size – approx. 85mm X 30mm
Slim size – approx. 70mm X 27mm


Found on the Kingfisher paddles and has a roll-top profile because of its transfer to the handle plate area. This has taken many by surprise as it allows for conventional hand positioning as well as overhand positions. Used overhand it revolutionises the J-stroke; removing the need for a double wrist twist & dip.

Regular Size – approx. 85mm X 30mm
Slim size – approx. 70mm X 27mm


Found on the Swan paddles and again has a roll-top profile. Further info as to usage can be found on the Paddles page.

Regular size – 85mm X 30mm
Slim size – 70mm X 27mm


For control on the WW paddles, we have developed a new hybrid T-grip. Through-pinned with a hardwood dowel for rigidity & strength, it is both positive & secure when needed for power moves in heavy water, whilst being tactile & comfortable for regular paddling strokes and longer durations.

WWBigDipper – 110mm x 30mm

WWDipper – 105mm x 28mm


Found on the Curlew bent-shaft paddle, this grip is closely related to our Pear Grip, but is asymmetric in profile as rotation is not needed. It is offset slightly forward to aid wrist comfort and increase forward reach.

Curlew – 85mm x 30mm