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Here at Freebird Paddles we offer a range of hand-crafted hardwood canoe paddles in unique & original designs. Others may take “inspiration” from us, but it’s easier to follow than it is to lead! With a Freebird Paddle you will feel the difference as they are exceptional in form & function. Treat yourself & paddle better!

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Some of our customers reviewed our paddles, here's what they have to say!

  • ray goodwin canoeing

    Freebird paddles’s Kingfisher coupled with the Big Dipper are my favourite paddles in an extensive collection & are a great combination for all my paddling needs. These paddles are where tradition and originality join together and also where art and effectiveness meet. I have never paddled with better. Their new White Water Big Dipper seals the deal…to get them from me, you will have to pry them from my cold dead hands!

    ray goodwin canoeing

    Ray Goodwin, Professional Canoeing Coach

Ray Goodwin Video

Mastering the J stroke with Freebird paddles

Ray is one of the top open Canoe coaches in the UK. Here he demonstrates, using three types of Freebird paddle. The WW Big Dipper, Big Dipper and Kingfisher. To show smooth paddling technique. Ray was also involved with the development of the Big Dipper and WW Big Dipper.

Check out Ray's Youtube Channel