This is based on the legendary Northwoods design. It is noticeably different to the classic patterns in both length and style of handle.


LENGTH: 26″ WIDTH: 6 1/2″


64″ Swan in Black Walnut & American Cherry = 870g

62″ Swan in Ash & Black Walnut = 900g

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Based on the legendary Northwoods style, this paddle originates from Indian tribes native to the Northwoods region of Eastern Canada and Maine. The increased length & striking scalloped handle-plate grip enable a variety of different strokes to be used, including those deployed from a standing position. Along with a traditional grip position, this scalloping gives three further stations for overhand gripping, allowing the paddler to effectively shorten or lengthen the paddle when water depths vary. During longer stints, adopting an overhand grip drastically reduces wrist cramp & muscle fatigue. A balanced pair is ideal, where a slightly reduced shaft length & blade area for the bow position retains power distribution & stern steering bias.

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Swans In Stock

English Cherry & Walnut 62 Inch, Walnut & English Cherry 66 Inch, 66” Meranti and Walnut with copper tip


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