We were approached by a couple of European Freestyle magicians to see if we fancied trying our hand at a “Canadian Style” paddle. The Swallow was developed with a lot of input from the guys at the German/Dutch coaching & guiding business Canoe&Survival.

A magic wand of a paddle; slender, lightweight, beautifully balanced, with a progressive flex, a slim rounded shaft, and a “soft-spot” low-down in the blade. Available with a Little Pear-Grip or our new Palm-Grip, it comes in either laminated American Cherry or Walnut and with a slotted reinforced resin tip.

Traditionally, this type of paddle sizes up towards the shorter end of the scale, so we advise approx. 2” – 3” shorter than your usual shaft length. The style of paddling it is intended for (although not exclusively suited to) sees the paddler knelt in the centre with the boat heeled over, so the gunnel is close to the water. Therefore, a long shaft is not only unnecessary, but a hindrance. For smaller, lighter paddlers, the Swallow will also make an excellent flat-water touring blade, and for this, should be sized as normal.

Blade – 26” (660mm) max length X 43/4” (120mm) max width
Shaft – 27mm X 27mm round
Grips – Little-Pear: 70mm X 27mm / Palm-Grip: 80mm X 27mm

Typical Weights:
– 54” Am Cherry with pear-grip – 600g
– 58” Walnut with Palm-grip – 675g

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Developed in consultation with some of the top European freestyle paddlers. A real magic wand of a paddle for freestyle but perfect for a touring paddle.

The swallow comes in two different types of handles, pear grip and palm grip. Please refer to our grip guide section to find out more about the different types of paddle grips.

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Red Cherry 53 Inch Palm Grip, Walnut 56 Inch Pear Grip, Walnut 55 Inch Pear Grip, Red Cherry Pear Grip 58 Inch, Cherry Pear Grip 57 Inch, Meranti Pear Grip 57 Inch, 59” Meranti.


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