Of the classic Beavertail style, this paddle excels in most environments and is especially useful into a headwind. This blade shape gives a fine balance of catch & power and is extremely good for maneuvering strokes as it enables quick direction changes. Again a pair can be supplied with a slightly smaller blade for the bow position giving a better power ratio for easier steering.




58″ Dipper in Walnut = 775g

58″ Dipper in Chestnut & Walnut = 690g

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Walnut & Irish Ash 56 Inch, Walnut & Red Cherry 58 Inch, Red Cherry & Walnut 56 Inch, English Cherry & Walnut 58 Inch, Ash & Walnut 58 Inch, Walnut & Red Cherry 57 Inch, African walnut and black walnut 57 Inch, Ash & Walnut 56 Inch, Red cherry and Black walnut 56 Inch, Maple and Red cherry 57 Inch, Irish Ash and Red cherry 56 Inch, Irish Ash and Black walnut 56 Inch, Maple and Red cherry 58 Inch, Walnut and cherry 57 Inch, Meranti 57 Inch, 60” Maple and Walnut with copper resin tip, 60” Meranti light weight, 57”Ash and Meranti with Meranti Pinstripe, 59” Meranti with Copper Tip, 60” Meranti and Ash Dipper, 57” Walnut and Ash Dipper, 58” Dipper Meranti/Ash, 60” Dipper Ash/Walnut


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