Our paddles are created from a selection of quality hardwoods and are of laminated construction. The laminating technique adds strength & durability by limiting the influence & progress of inherent weaknesses or flaws sometimes found within a piece of timber. Stability is also added as the maker can counteract any grain twisting tendencies through wood selection & orientation. It also results in increased elasticity, meaning a nice degree of flex is present, making them easy on the shoulders for longer stints on the water. Aesthetically, this method allows for a striking two-tone wood combination when paired with another wood in the shaft and grip. The blades are of “bookmatched” timber giving balance to both sides of the spine. The shafts have a slightly ovalised section to create a positive lower hand grip.

On our standard paddles the handles are Pear gripped. The handle plates featured on both the Swan (Northwoods pattern) and Kingfisher (Algonquin pattern) necessitates a Roll-Top grip. All paddles are resin tipped & finished with multiple oil coats. We have developed a Hybrid T-Grip that features on both the WW BigDipper and the WW Dipper and finishing off our Curlew bent-shaft paddle is an Offset Pear Grip.

Please note: if the paddle you require is not in stock, one can be made for you. With a 2-3 week delivery time. Just call with your details.

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